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About Geisha Evenings®

The Geisha Culture of Kanazawa

Since the day of the samurai, the city of Kanazawa has long been a center of performing arts, artisanal crafts, and refined culture, handed down from generation to generation. The local tradition of geisha entertainment and chaya teahouses — just a single element of Kanazawa’s cultural environment — goes back more than 200 years. In the centuries since, these entertainers have continually polished their craft, and passed along their warm hospitality knowledge and expertise to younger generations, to ensure that the chaya geisha entertainment districts of Kanazawa continue to maintain the same high standards as they always have. Even today, these professionals live lives of dedication to their art, with virtually every waking moment spent on becoming better and better as musicians, dancers, and conversationalists. After all, they know that geisha entertainment is a world-famous part of Japan’s reputation.


Kaikaro is the largest chaya teahouse in all of Kanazawa, and a deeply historic building at that: it was built roughly 200 years ago, and today it has a special designation by the city government, marking it as a historic building particularly worth preserving. It is a place that is at once famous and mysterious: it is a local institution with centuries of history, and yet few ever have the chance to step inside, due to the long-standing geisha policy of requiring new patrons to be personally vouched for by an existing patron. Those who do have the precious opportunity to experience geisha entertainment here can enjoy a truly extraordinary evening of song, dance, games, and conversation. Even today, social gatherings at a chaya teahouse are considered a sign of elegant taste and exclusivity, usually available only to those of high social status — making opportunities for visitors to encounter this traditional form of hospitality all the more precious.

Kaikaro Teahouse

1-14-8, Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan

Kaikaro is a chaya (teahouse) in Higashi Chayagai District. 
We offer feasts and entertainment following the traditional, referral-based admittance policy in the evenings, but are open to the public during the day.


Lady Baba Awaits You

My name is Lady Baba. I run the Kaikaro Teahouse, in the Higashi Chaya-gai Geisha District.


Thank you to everyone out there for your continued support of Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa.


I organize Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa, and this year these fantastic events celebrated their 10th anniversary.

Thanks to all the fans around the world who have supported us, the geishas and I have been able to continue our performances for 10 years.


I hope that Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa 2024 will be the highlight of your trip to Japan.


I look forward to seeing all the lovers of geisha entertainment at my teahouse.

Seasonal Plans

Building tours and performances.

Private Plans

Tailor-made for a single group per night.
Up to ten guests for ¥278,300.

Visiting Plans

Book a performance at your choice of venue.

Experiences Plans

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